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Website design is our passion, photography is our world, graphics design is our art & kwadisigh is our identity.
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35 Prince of Peace Street, Accra, Ghana
+233 205842133 / +233209389214
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Glad you're here, but our site is down for maintenance.
Kwadisi GH helps our clients drive change and create value through a unique blend of creativity, beauty and innovation at our core. Motivated and inspired by what’s next, we remain dedicated to staying ahead of the trends.
Web Design
We have the passion for front-end web design & development. We have experience in coding HTML, CSS, Actionscript, PHP, JavaScript, Object C,Visual Basic etc.
Our photography captures the essence of photos & videos from unique perspectives, with an eye toward beauty, style and creativity.
Graphics Design
We design from simple to complex, depending on client needs and competitive landscape. High-end Graphic designs with passion for detail and usability.
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